Access and Move Your Files Freely

Stream All My Files from All My Devices!

Access and instantly play large media files from all your devices with Sunshine. With Sunshine, you can access and play media files cross device WITHOUT any cloud or storage-based servers. No uploading, not downloading; simply device to device on the fly. You can also download your media files stored in other devices without limits on size, quantity or format.

Stream without Downloading

Access videos and images stored in any of your devices (PC/tablet/phone) and stream instantly at the original quality. A 2 hour movie, presentations, or photo albums of 2000 pictures instantly!

Cross Device
Cross Device

No more OS limits! Access and play all your files from all your devices with Sunshine; Android, iOS, Windows or Mac. It doesn't matter! Always keeping the original quality of the files.

Connect your Smart TV too!
Connect to Smart TV too!

You can playback on any DLNA supported device such as Smart TVs. You can also add and edit subtitles and connect to Wifi Speakers.

Case Study

"I have a video stored in my PC and I want to watch it on my mobile."

Now you can playback your favorite TV series, without downloading, while you are lying on the bed. Access your computer videos from your phone / tablet with Sunshine app; find “My Devices”, select your PC and press play!

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Doesn't require any further installation, just press a button on the app!

Stream All My Files from All My Devices! - Sunshine